* The MCats Band: We love you, mans!

The MCats Band is a classic rock cover band based in Acton, MA.

The MCats Band was formed in 2005 to raise money for an elementary school in Acton, MA, the McCarthy-Towne School (MCT), where all of the founding members’ children attended. One gig turned into two, two into three, and now we have been together longer than The Beatles!

The MCats Band has played (and is available for) public and private gigs in Greater Boston, including backyards, barns, bars, birthdays, block parties, and boats. Venues we’ve played include:

The MCats Band’s setlist includes rock and pop tunes from the 1960s to today and features Erik Heels on keyboards, Eamon Tighe on bass, Bob Adams on saxophone, Josh Stein on drums, Jon Oltsik on rhythm guitar, and Paul Greenspan on lead guitar. (HT to Wendy Oltsik for coming up with the idea for the band in and for serving as band manager, to Mark Wessel and Gareth McKinley for being the original sound guys, and to Betsy Gitelman for being the lead vocalist from 2005-2006.)

For more info, like us on Facebook and email info@mcatsband.org.

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