* MCats Gig #37 – Clocktower Happy Winter Friends

Hosted by Clock Tower Law Group.


(1) Rebecca and I wanted to have a holiday party but ran out of time, (2) Acton-Boxboro did not do “ABig Night Out” this year, and (3) my law firm (www.clocktowerlaw.com) turned 11 (which is WAY better than 10), so we had a party! Embarrassingly, my band, The MCats (www.mcatsband.org), also played. This was not just another boring soiree, this was Happy Winter Friends Part 1!

In the immortal words of two superheroes who are also best friends:

Baman: What’s Happy Winter Friends?
Piderman: It’s the holiday of wishes and best friends!

Lindsay Small and Alex Butera are proud! (Or embarrassed, not sure which.)

Legal restrictions prevent me from saying what was served, but let’s just say there was phood and an oben par!

WHO: Friends of Erik & Rebecca, The MCats Band, and Clock Tower Law Group!
WHAT: Happy Winter Friends Part 1!
WHERE: Clock Tower Place Cafe, Building 7, Maynard MA 01754 (Same place as “ABig Night Out.”)
WHEN: Fri 03/23/12 6pm-11pm (The party went to 11! Get it? Because 11 is better than 10! Actually, it went later.)
WHY: It’s the holiday of wishes and best friends! (See above.)
HOW: What are you, are reporter?

Yeah, I know, not technically winter. Band was booked.

Those who rocked salute you!

Video evidence of this gig:

* Tom Petty – Breakdown

* The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

* ZZ Top – Tush

THE END (of Part 1)

Set 1

  1. Good Lovin’ (C) – Jon
  2. Birthday (A) – Josh
  3. Breakdown (Am) – Eamon
  4. Stray Cat Strut (Cm) – Paul
  5. It’s A Shame About Ray (A) – Erik
  6. Centerfield (G) – Eamon
  7. Glory Days (A) – Eamon
  8. Learn to Fly (B) – Erik
  9. No Matter What (A) – Eamon
  10. *Lonely Boy (E) – Eamon
  11. Back On the Chain Gang (D) – Betsy

Set 2 (No Keys)

  1. Bad Moon Rising (D) – Eamon
  2. Brown Sugar (C, sax) – Eamon
  3. Cover Me (Bm) – Eamon
  4. Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room (A) – Jon
  5. Honky Tonk Women (G) – Eamon
  6. I Fought the Law (D) – Eamon
  7. Should I Stay or Should I Go (D) – Eamon
  8. Stand (E) – Jon
  9. Sunshine of Your Love (D) – Eamon
  10. White Room (D) – Eamon
  11. *Flagpole Sitta (D) – Eamon

Set 3

  1. Can’t Get Enough (C) – Eamon
  2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl (A) – Eamon
  3. Middle of the Road (A) – Betsy
  4. Just Like Heaven (A) – Erik
  5. Turning Japanese (G) – Jon
  6. 867-5309 (Jenny) (F#m) – Eamon
  7. Psycho Killer (Live) (Am) – Erik
  8. Pump It Up (B) – Jon
  9. Back In the U.S.S.R. (A) – Eamon
  10. Takin’ Care of Business (C) – Erik
  11. Peace, Love and Understanding (G) – Jon


  1. Love Shack (C) – Betsy
  2. Runnin Down A Dream (E) – Jon
  3. Tush (G) – Eamon
  4. What I Like About You (E) – Erik
  5. Dirty Water (E) – Jon
  6. Just What I Needed (E) – Eamon
  7. Sultans of Swing (Dm) – Jon

* = new songs

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