* MCats Gig #94 – Outlook #10

Eamon Tighe wears many hats for The MCats Band (lead singer, bass player, sound guy, treasurer), and we have never gigged without him! Tonight was the closest we came, as Eamon was fighting off a cold. I subbed on lead vocals for “Can’t Get Enough” and hope it was my first and last time! Rebeccca also sang “When Will I Be Loved” again – a fan favorite!

* MCats Gig #93 – Tiki Bar #11

A fan’s wardrobe malfunction resulted in the abrupt cancellation of “Love Shack,” our audience-participation favorite. And Ken Berry, of Jibunu fame (https://www.jibunu.com/), joined us for an epic rendition of “Just Like Heaven.”

* MCats Gig #88 – Emerson Hospital 5K at NARA

The MCats Band doesn’t usually rock ‘n’ roll in the am hours, but the Emerson Hospital 5K Run~Walk for Cancer (https://www.facebook.com/events/2130426733717419/) at NARA was a great event for our first morning gig! Thanks to John Koenig for the invite and for all who ran and walked to knock out cancer!

* MCats Gig #87 – Outlook #9

Here’s how we promoted this Saint Patrick’s Day Eve gig: “We’ll be rockin’ on, wearing green hats, and drinking green beer! Please also note the epic pano from Tony’s studio. Tony Caliendo (of Pink Void (https://www.facebook.com/PinkVoyd) fame) will be joining us on drums in Josh’s absence. We love you, fans!”