* MCats Madness – Contest #8 – 2014 “Can’t Get Enough” vs. 2014 “Bohemian”

“Bohemian” is one of those songs that may or may not stand the test of time – time will tell! I have a soft spot for “Can’t Get Enough,” as this recording helped us get our first PMC gig!

(19) 2014-01-05 The MCats Band – Can’t Get Enough.mp3


(14) 2014-04-02 The MCats Band – Bohemian Like You.mp3

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* MCats Madness – Contest #7 – 2024 “Sunshine” vs. 2014 “Breakdown”

“Sunshine” is one of those indulgent songs that every rock cover band plays. Thing is, I don’t think anyone has ever played the song well – including Cream! (A reminder that’s it’s the best recording we’re going for, now how well you like the song.) “Breakdown” has been a reliable opener for us for years, another one we can play with our eyes closed.

(20) 2014-03-24 The MCats Band – Sunshine Of Your Love.mp3


(13) 2014-03-23 The MCats Band – Breakdown.mp3

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* MCats Madness – Contest #6 – 2014 “Lonely Boy” vs. 2015 “Brown Sugar”

I confess to forgetting that we had recording “Lonely Boy,” one of the few tuns that has a parallel lead guitar and organ riff. We usually play the Stones tunes “Honkey Tonk” and “Brown Sugar” back-to-back. We do that for a handful of songs that go well together. This version of “Brown Sugar” was recorded at our 10th anniversary gig.

(23) 2014-03-23 The MCats Band – Lonely Boy.mp3


(10) 2015-11-07_14 The MCats Band – Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones (Live).mp3

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* MCats Madness – Contest #5 – 2015 “Old Time Rock And Roll” vs. 2014 “Oye”

I have to tune my keyboard down an octave so I can play the intro to “Old Time Rock And Roll.” I use a 61-key Korg X50, which has great patches but really isn’t meant to be a stage keyboard (only 10 presets). I will add that the organ solo in the 2014 recording of “Oye” may be the best I’ve ever played it – or at least the best recording we have! No pressure.

(24) 2015-11-07_10 The MCats Band – Old Time Rock And Roll by Bob Seger (Live).mp3


(9) 2014-03-23 The MCats Band – Oye Como Va.mp3

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* MCats Madness – Contest #4 – 2009 “Sultans” vs. 2017 Zeppelin

“Sultans” is one of those tunes I can play (literally) with my eyes close. Good groove, although this 2009 recording may not be the best. The Zeppelin tune is our only recording of a rehearsal (in Josh’s basement) taken by my brother, Mark. It has the most views on Facebook, which makes me think we should do a studio version!

(27) 2009-07-19 The MCats Band – Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits (Live).mp4


(6) 2017-03-06_21-03-47 The MCats Band – Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin (Live Rehearsal).mov

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* MCats Madness – Contest #3 – 2019 “Good Lovin’” vs. 2014 “Runnin Down A Dream”

We used to open every gig with “Good Lovin'” but now only play it occasionally. We often close sets (or gigs) with “Runnin Down A Dream” feat. an epic guitar solo by Paul!

(28) 2019-06-25-AWS-04 The MCats Band – Good Lovin’ by The Rascals (Live).mp4


(5) 2014-03-24 The MCats Band – Runnin Down A Dream.mp3

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* MCats Madness – Contest #2 – 2009 “Smoke On The Water” vs. 2014 “Honky Tonk Women”

“Smoke On The Water” is a sentimental underdog, feat. Colin McKinley on lead guitar. And I happen to know that Eamon doesn’t particularly like The Rolling Stones but sings ’em really well! Fun fact: Eamon and I have (not to secretly) been trying to morph The MCats Band into a Tom Petty cover band for the last decade or so!

(31) 2009-09-18 The MCats Band – Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple (Live).mp4


(2) 2014-01-05 The MCats Band – Honky Tonk Women.mp3

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* MCats Madness – Contest #1 – 2005 “I’m a Believer” vs. 2016 “You Wreck Me”

I don’t want to prejudice the judges, but the 2005 song made the list as a piece of history, since it is out very first recording at our very first gig. It’s also a super longshot to make it past this round! I should also point out that we are going for the “best recording,” which may not be the song you like (to play or to listen to) best.

(32) 2005-03-19 The MCats Band – I’m A Believer (Live).mp4


(1) 2016-12-11 The MCats Band – You Wreck Me.mp3

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* The MCats Band – MCats Madness!

For the month of March, The MCats Band is replacing its website homepage with MCats Madness! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we, the bandmates, have identified and initially ranked our top 32 recordings, dating back to the first song at our first gig on 2005-03-19.

We are then asking you, our fearless fans, to rank ’em in head-to-head (and more or less daily) contests! Vote with your comments! Vote with your likes! Vote early and vote often, but – for the love of rock ‘n’ roll – vote! And, to quote David Letterman, “Please, no wagering.”

We will then remaster and republish the top tracks on The MCats Band website and The MCats Band Facebook page! Hopefully. Probably. Maybe. We’ll do our best. Your mileage may vary.

Respectfully submitted,
Your humble servants,
The MCats Band

P.S. We love you, mans!