* Legend of a Band

In January 2005, our band manager Wendy gathered up a few brave souls to jam during the silent auction portion of the annual McCarthy-Town school (Acton, MA) auction. The plan was for the band to get together and rehearse a couple times prior to the gig in March 2005. It was our chance to live out a fantasy and have some fun, while raising money for our school. As Wendy said, “We’ll play a few songs then live forever in rock ‘n’ roll infamy – at least within McCarthy Towne.” One gig turned into two, two into three, three into four. And now we’re starting year two.

The MCats is not organized in any legal sense. We do not play for profit. We play for fun. And to help raise money for our kids’ school. This is our website. This is our story. Happy birthday MCats! Rock on!

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