* MCats To Play Two Gigs – MCT Auction A Success

Last night’s MCT Auction <http://www.mctauction.com/> was a huge success. The final numbers are not in (or at least I don’t know them), but it appears that the auction raised about $60,000 for our school, which is great.

The auction booket listed the MCats as follows:

“MCats Gig

McCarthy-Towne’s own parent rock band, the MCats, will play for your special event! You can even customize the playlist from their ever-growing repertoire of music, which spans the decades and genres. The MCats have a proven track record of providing GREAT entertainment to their audiences, both young and old.

Donor: The Heels, Gitelman, Greenspan, Oltsik, Stein, and Tighe Families
Value: Priceless”

Unfortunately, the MCats were auctioned off first (out of 49 items), and things moved so quickly, that before you could say MMM-Cats, the auction was over. I guess we didn’t communicate that we were willing to play two gigs, so we also ended up being the last item auctioned off. But despite having the two worst auction spots, we raised $900 for the school ($550 for the first, $350 for the second). The two gigs are code-named ChipStock and HeelsStock, for their respective buyers. Yes, we bought the band. Hey, it’s all for a good cause, and we now have tentative plans for my 40th birthday party (6/6).

Plus our second annual “band meeting” was a blast, as usual.

Rock on. You know, for the kids!

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