* Acton Beacon on Schoolapalooza

The Acton Beacon ran the following piece about Schoolapalooza:

“ACTON – What began as a challenge in a local town newspaper, promises to become a full fledge musical festival. In Acton Massachusetts two schools are making music to fund their school music programs.

In August, The MCats, a parent band that was formed to raise funds for the McCarthy-Towne elementary school, said to a reporter that what they really wanted to do was have a battle of the bands with the C.T. Douglas School Band.

The Douglas All Star Band founder and principal of the school, Chris Whitbeck, responded to the MCats with a counter offer – let’s hold a musical festival, a celebration of music, families, and our two schools as a way to build bridges and raise some money. Schoolapalooza was born.

The two bands are comprised of school staff and parents. While not professional musicians, the groups came together to add a bit of fun to the school auctions. School auctions have become an important source of funding for small suburban school districts.

The two bands were so successful at raising money that both school PTO’s have requested that they be a regular part of these fund-raising events. Now reaching out to each other, the two school communities will celebrate the talents of each school and have fun at a local park this fall.

‘The idea is to have some fun, raise a little money, and show kids that you don’t have to be a professional musician to make music,’ said Peter Broggi, music teacher and band member at the Douglas School.

Acton Schoolapalooza will be held Sunday, Oct. 15, 12:30 to 4 p.m., Nara Park, Quarry Road, Acton.”

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