* MCats Madness – Contest #14 – 2015 The Romantics vs. 2015 Linda Ronstadt

I think I have to recuse myself (Erik) from this one, as this is my wife, Rebecca, singing lead on “When Will I Be Loved,” and I’m singling lead on “What I Like About You.” Fun fact about The Romantics’ tune: this was the first time I sang, spontaneously, “you, you, you-you-you-you!” And know I always do it this way. OK, now vote for my wife!

(25) 2015-11-07_17-44-59 The MCats Band – When Will I Be Loved (Live Sound Check).mov


(8) 2015-11-07_15 The MCats Band – What I Like About You by The Romantics (Live).mp3

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