* MCats Madness – Sweet 16 – For Your Consideration

Dear Fans/Friends of The MCats Band,

There is lots of bad news in the world, including that the NCAA’s March Madness has been canceled. As we all live and work in isolation this week/month/season, perhaps a welcome distraction is in order. The MCats Band is here to help!

First, if you have not liked our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MCatsBand/) or subscribed to our mailing list (https://www.mcatsband.org/fans), please do so!

Second, please join us in MCats Madness!

For the month of March, The MCats Band is replacing its website homepage with MCats Madness! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we, the bandmates, have identified and initially ranked our top 32 recordings, dating back to the first song at our first gig on 2005-03-19.

We are then asking you, our fearless fans, to rank ’em in head-to-head (and more or less daily) contests! Vote with your comments! Vote with your likes! Vote early and vote often, but – for the love of rock ‘n’ roll – vote! And, to quote David Letterman, “Please, no wagering.”

We will then remaster and republish the top tracks on The MCats Band website and The MCats Band Facebook page! Hopefully. Probably. Maybe. We’ll do our best. Your mileage may vary.

Respectfully submitted,
Your humble servants,
The MCats Band

P.S. We love you, mans!

P.P.S. The round of 32 is complete, and Sweet 16 has begun! There was only one upset in the round of 32 (#19 2014 “Can’t Get Enough” defeated #14 2014 “Bohemian Like You”), and your favorite recording may be eliminated this week! Here are the upcoming contests:

Mon 2020-03-16

Contest #17:

(5) 2014-03-24 The MCats Band – Runnin Down A Dream.mp3
(1) 2016-12-11 The MCats Band – You Wreck Me.mp3

Contest #18:

(6) 2017-03-06_21-03-47 The MCats Band – Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin (Live Rehearsal).mov
(2) 2014-01-05 The MCats Band – Honky Tonk Women.mp3

Tue 2020-03-17

Contest #19:

(13) 2014-03-23 The MCats Band – Breakdown.mp3
(9) 2014-03-23 The MCats Band – Oye Como Va.mp3

Contest #20:

(19) 2014-01-05 The MCats Band – Can’t Get Enough.mp3
(10) 2015-11-07_14 The MCats Band – Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones (Live).mp3

Wed 2020-03-18

Contest #21:

(15) 2014-04-02 The MCats Band – Just What I Needed.mp3
(11) 2016-12-11 The MCats Band – Bad Case Of Loving You.mp3

Contest #22:

(16) 2015-11-07_26 The MCats Band – Love Shack by The B-52’s (Live).mp3
(12) 2019-06-25-AWS-13 The MCats Band – Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss (Live).mp4

Thu 2020-03-19

Contest #23:

(7) 2014-03-24 The MCats Band – Tush.mp3
(3) 2014-01-05 The MCats Band – Just Like Heaven.mp3

Contest #24:

(8) 2015-11-07_15 The MCats Band – What I Like About You by The Romantics (Live).mp3
(4) 2016-12-11 The MCats Band – Please Come Home For Christmas.mp3

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