* MCats Gig #70 – Seeds For Borneo At NARA

The MCats Band was honored to play at the Seeds For Borneo fundraiser at NARA Park, senior project of ABRHS senior Patrick Nero. All proceeds donated to the Seed and Sapling Collection of the Orangutan Foundation International in Indonesia (https://orangutan.org/campaigns/seed-sapling-collection/).

Featured acts:

Playing With Fire
Chris Ruediger
TOS (feat. Sophia Ward)
The MCats Band
Patrick Nero

Videos are here:

* 2017-05-06_18-14-13 Seeds for Borneo

* 2017-05-06_19-33-22 Seeds For Borneo – Patrick Nero

* 2017-05-06_19-55-10 Seeds For Borneo – Patrick Nero

* 2017-05-06_19-58-33 Seeds For Borneo – Chris Ruediger

* 2017-05-06_20-46-45 Seeds For Borneo – Sophia Ward and TOS Sophia Ward and TOS covering “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

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