* MCats Gig #77 – Tiki Bar V

The MCats Band at The Tiki Bar.

The first Tiki Bar gig of the summer is always a blast, and this was no exception. Great weather, family and friends from many generations, great foot, and pretty decent music as well!



Set 1

  1. Breakdown (Am)
  2. 500 Miles (E)
  3. Oye Como Va (A)
  4. No Matter What (A)
  5. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (D)
  6. Just What I Needed (E)
  7. Fire Down Below (C)
  8. Mustang Sally (C)
  9. Everybody Wants You (D)
  10. Psycho Killer (Am)
  11. Born To Be Wild (E)
  12. It’s All Been Done (D)
  13. Centerfield (G)
  14. Don’t Go Back To Rockville (E)

Set 2

  1. Margaritaville (D)
  2. Long Train Coming (G)
  3. Just Like Heaven (A)
  4. Midnight Hour (D)
  5. Refugee (F#)
  6. Bohemian Like You (B)
  7. Honky Tonk Women (G)
  8. Brown Sugar (C)
  9. Bad Case Of Lovin’ You (E)
  10. Old Time Rock ‘N Roll (E)
  11. What I Like About You (E)
  12. You Wreck Me (D)
  13. Rain King (D)
  14. Can’t Get Enough (C)
  15. Takin’ Care Of Business (C)
  16. Runnin’ Down A Dream (E)

Set 3

  1. Centerfold (G)
  2. Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy (E)
  3. Tush (G)
  4. I Will Follow (E)
  5. You Gotta Fight (Am)
  6. 867-5309 (Jenny) (F#M)
  7. Rock ‘N Roll All Night (G)
  8. Already Gone (G)
  9. Rebel Yell (B)

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