* MCats Gig #12 – McKinley Pool Party


Kid Set
I’m a Believer (G) – The Monkees
Should I Stay or Should I Go (D) – The Clash
All Star (recorded in F#, play in G) – Smash Mouth
What I Like About You (E) – The Romantics
Just What I Needed (E) – The Cars
American Idiot (G#) – Green Day
You Really Got Me (G) – The Kinks
Dirty Water (E) – The Standells
Vertigo (E) – U2

Adult Set
Twistin’ By the Pool (A) – Dire Straits
Sunshine of Your Love (D) – Cream
Psycho Killer (Am) – Talking Heads
Sharp Dressed Man (C) – ZZ Top
Rock And Roll (A) – Led Zeppelin
Pump It Up (B) – Elvis Costello
Summertime Blues (D) – The Who
867-5309 (Jenny) (F#m) – Tommy Tutone
Burning Down The House (G) – Talking Heads
Crossroads (A) – Cream

Tush (G) – ZZ Top
Smoke On the Water (G) – Deep Purple
Love Shack (C) – The B-52’s

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