* MCats Gig #18 – Otsiks’ 50th


From Wendy’s eVite:

“So, the people have spoken! Thanks for the huge voter turnout and we are looking forward to executing our Party Party platform this Saturday night. This bi-partisan event is shaping up to include ALL people; men/women, Actonians/non-Actonians, folks who get their trash collected, and those who bring their goods to the recycling station. We are ONE party!

Early polls indicate that we may have some showers, but either way, all events will be held indoors. The band will be setup in the garage, which we will try to heat if necessary, but dress accordingly i.e. casual, but warm.

Many have asked about the comfort food. Comfort food refers to a variety of familiar, easy foods that have associations with simpler times. Think non-gourmet, 50’s kitchen, ski lodge sort of food. I got the ‘sweet’ if you can get the ‘savory’. FInger foods are great, but I will also have plenty of plates and utensils for larger dishes. If you would rather bring a bottle of champagne instead of food, please do so. Again, with emphasis, your company is our birthday gift.

The MCats are primed for playing and always a blast. We’re hoping for some other, rather special, forms of entertainment as well. See you real soon!”

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