* MCats Gig #44 – Wa Wa Wachusett


After a day of shredding on the Wachusett Mountain, the boys headed to the Coppertop to rock it out for a few hours of apr├Ęs ski. As one appreciative lounger said after the gig, “You guys are the first band to get the volume right!” OK, we toned it down a little bit (no cab for Eamon) but it wasn’t exactly acoustic. Thanks also to the big Acton crowd that came out to support us! I do recall that there was even some dancing by the fireplace at one point! Perhaps an annual event?

Set 1

  1. Good Lovin’ (C) – Jon
  2. Moondance (A) – Paul
  3. My Best Friend’s Girl (F) – Eamon
  4. Breakdown (Am) – Eamon
  5. It’s A Shame About Ray (A) – Erik
  6. Brown-Eyed Girl (G) – Paul
  7. Margaritaville (D) – Jon
  8. Centerfield (G) – Eamon
  9. Sultans Of Swing (Dm) – Jon
  10. Lonely Boy (E) – Eamon
  11. Psycho Killer (Am) – Erik

Set 2

  1. It’s All Been Done (D) – Erik
  2. Smoking Gun (E) – Eamon
  3. Stray Cat Strut (C) – Paul
  4. Just Like Heaven (A) – Erik
  5. Refugee (F#m) – Eamon
  6. Honky Tonk Women (G) – Eamon
  7. Stand (E) – Jo
  8. No Matter What (A) – Eamon
  9. Oye como va (A) – Jon / Eamon
  10. Life During Wartime (A) – Erik
  11. Runnin’ Down A Dream (E) – Jon

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