* MCats Gig #53 – Nashoba’s Outlook Restaurant


When The MCats Band arrived at Nashoba’s Outlook Restaurant to setup for our gig, we immediately created a human wall between the incredibly hot fireplace and the restaurant’s many fine patrons, saving countless souls from overheating in the process. Eamon and Josh took the brunt of the blow and have been nominated for Congressional Medals for their valor.

As the fire cooled down, the band heated up, again saving the patrons from certain death (this time due to freezing).

A hearty group of several dozen Actonians came out for the event, consuming many solids and liquids in the process, and creating an impromptu dance floor in the ‘look. Rumor has it that The MCats Band is a lock to play Nashoba’s Tiki Bar this summer. What can I say but, “We love you, mans!”

Set 1

1. Good Lovin’
2. It’s All Been Done
3. Centerfield
4. Breakdown
5. Stray Cat Strut
6. 500 Miles
7. Oye Como
8. Look Sharp
9. No Matter What
10. It’s a Shame about Ray
11. Sultans of Swing
12. Lonely Boy
13. Psycho Killer

Set 2

1. Margaritaville
2. Old Time Rock ‘n Roll
3. Last Dance with Mary Jane
4. Smoking Gun
5. Bohemian Like You
6. Just Like Heaven
7. Honky Tonk Women
8. Brown Sugar
9. What I Like About You
10. You Wreck Me
11. Love Shack (feat. The Women of Acton)
12. Come As You Are
13. Tush
14. I Will Follow
15. Refugee
16. 867-5309 (Jenny)
17. Peace, Love, and Understanding
18. Already Gone

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