* MCats Gig #63 – Waxy’s I

MCats gig at Waxy's.
MCats gig at Waxy’s.

We finally got to play at an Irish bar! And we’re looking forward to playing there again! Thanks to Ed Sasena for sitting in on drums – we love you mans!

Here’s how we promoted the gig:

The MCats Band at Waxy’s I – A New Venue

The modern Irish bar welcomes the modern Irish band! Or at least an Acton band with an Irish lead singer.

Because nobody knows Waxy’s like Waxy, we stole this from their website:

“What makes Waxy’s different? It is more than fresh food, crafted cocktails and great times. It’s about sharing and always making room at the table for friends.”

The details:

Come to Waxy’s, The Modern Irish Bar in Lexington (http://www.waxys.com/locations/lexington/), on Sat 09/24/16 (9pm-11:59ish), hear some cool music, eat some good food, and definitely buy a round for the band!

This is not some cheap recording of The MCats Band.
This is not some tribute band imitation of The MCats Band.
This is the one, the only, ask-for-them-by-name: The MCats Band.

We started playing in 2005 as a one-time gig, and we have never stopped playing!

Hope to see you on September 24th!

Set 1

1. (K & D) Breakdown (Am) – Eamon
2. (G) 500 Miles (E) – Eamon
3. (G) Born to be Wild (E) – Eamon
4. (A) Sultans of Swing (Dm) – Jon
5. (A) It’s All Been Done (D) – Erik
6. (G) Last Dance with Mary… (A) – Eamon
7. (K & B) Oye Como Va (A)* – Jon/ET
8. (G) Tequila (E)* – Jon
9. (G) Should I stay or should I go – Eamon
10. (D) Honky Tonk Women (G)* – Eamon
11. (G) Brown Sugar (C)* – Eamon
12. (G) What I like about you (E) – Erik
13. (K) Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (E)* – Eamon
14. (G) Gimme Three Steps (D) – Jon
15. (A) Bad case of loving you (E) – Eamon
16. (G) Same Old Song and…(E)* – Eamon
17. (A) Can’t Get Enough… (C) – Eamon
18. (B) Psycho Killer (Am) – Erik


* = songs with sax
(A) All in
(G) Guitar
(D) Drums
(K) Keys
(B) Bass

Set 2

1. (D) Love Shack (C)* – Eamon / Girls
2. (G) Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy (E) – Eamon
3. (G & B) You Wreck Me (D) – Eamon
4. (D & B) Just Like Heaven (A) – Erik
5. (G & K) Centerfold (G)* – Jon
6. (G) Look Sharp (C) – Jon
7. (G) No Matter What (A) – Eamon
8. (K & D) Bohemian Like You (B) – Jon
9. (G) Tush (G) – Eamon
10. (G) I will Follow (E) – Eamon
11. (A) Refugee (F#m) – Eamon
12. (G) 867-5309 (Jenny) (F#m) – Eamon
13. (A) Peace, Love and… (G) – Jon
14. (G) Runnin’ Down A Dream (E) – Jon
15. (A) Summertime Blues (A) – Eamon


16. (G) Already Gone (G) – Jon
17. (G & K) Rebel Yell (B) – Eamon


1. (G) You Really Got Me (G) – Eamon
2. (G) Dirty Water (E) – Jon
3. (A) I Want To Be Sedated (E) – Jon
4. (G & B) Sunshine of your.. (G) – Eamon
5. (A) Learn to Fly (B) – Erik

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