* MCats Gig 52: West Acton Villageworks

2015-11-08_00-18-03 MCats by Wendy

The MCats Band is pleased to announced that is has officially commenced its second award-winning decade! To celebrate the occasion, we had a small private party at West Acton Villageworks, which also marked the soft launch of The Gallery at Villageworks.

And if the accolades, gigs, and parties weren’t enough, we were flattered to be featured in a BBC America documentary, which debuted at the event:

Finally, and only tangentially related, our keyboard player Erik (notably the only member of the band besides Josh, the drummer, to play sitting down) is moving his law firm, Clocktower Law, to West Acton Villageworks in the spring of 2016.

To those who have rocked, do rock, and shall continue to rock, we salute you!

Set 1

  1. Breakdown (Am) – Eamon
  2. It’s All Been Done (D) – Erik
  3. Oye Como Va (A) – Jon / Eamon
  4. *Look Sharp (C) – Jo
  5. No Matter What (A) – Eamo
  6. *Girlfriend – Erik
  7. Sultans of Swing (Dm) – Jon
  8. Stray Cat Strut (Cm) – Paul
  9. Lonely Boy (E) – Eamon
  10. Pump It Up (B) – Jon
  11. Psycho Killer (Am) – Erik

Set 2

  1. *When Will I Be Loved (F) – Rebecca
  2. Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (E) – Eamon
  3. Bohemian Like You (B) – Jon
  4. Just Like Heaven (A) – Erik
  5. Honky Tonk Women (G) – Eamon
  6. Brown Sugar (C) – Eamon
  7. What I Like About You (E) – Erik
  8. I Fought The Law (D) – Eamon
  9. You Wreck Me (D) – Eamon
  10. Runnin’ Down A Dream (E) – Jon
  11. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (C) – Eamon
  12. Learn to Fly (B) – Erik

Set 3

  1. Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy (E) – Eamon
  2. Sunshine Of Your Love (D) – Eamon / Jon
  3. Please Come Home For Christmas – Paul
  4. *Come As You Are (E) – Erik
  5. Tush (G) – Eamon
  6. 867-5309 (Jenny) (F#m) – Eamon
  7. Peace, Love And Understanding (G) – Jon
  8. Love Shack (C) – Eamon
  9. Already Gone (G) – Jon
  10. The Boys are Back (A) – Eamon

* = new to us


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