* MCats Gig #51 – Wachusett Mountain Coppertop Lounge


By popular demand The MCats Band was welcomed back to the Coppertop Lounge (after last year’s epic gig) to kickoff the 2014-2015 season of live music at Wachusett Mountain. Slightly warmer than seasonal weather did not stop the throngs of skiers and Actonian fans from descending on the Coppertop for what many called a “righteous gig.”

No doubt the MCats entering their second decade of playing together had something to do with the tight tunes played that night. Friends from as far away as Persia rocked out.

And, for the record, I’m pretty sure this was the first time since our fist gig that we played the setlist exactly. So there’s that.

Set 1

  1. It’s All Been Done (D) – Erik
  2. You Wreck Me (D) – Eamon
  3. Cover Me (Bm) – Eamon
  4. Just What I Needed (E) – Eamon
  5. Breakdown (Am) – Eamon
  6. No Matter What (A) – Eamon
  7. Sultans Of Swing (Dm) – Jon
  8. Smoking In The Boys.. (A) – Jon
  9. Honky Tonk Women (G) – Eamon
  10. Brown Sugar (C) – Eamon
  11. Learning to Fly (B) – Erik
  12. Lonely Boy (E) – Eamon
  13. Psycho Killer (Am) – Erik

Set 2

  1. Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (E) – Eamon
  2. Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy (E) – Eamon
  3. Bohemian Like You (B) – Jon
  4. Just Like Heaven (A) – Erik
  5. Oye Como Va (A) – Jon / Eamon
  6. *Please Come Home For Christmas (A) – Paul
  7. *Run Rudolph Run (A) – Jon
  8. Smoking Gun (E) – Eamon
  9. Already Gone (G) – Jon
  10. Refugee (F#m) – Eamon 
  11. 867-5309 (Jenny) (F#m) – Eamon 
  12. Peace, Love And Understanding (G) – Jon 
  13. Tush (G)
  14. Rebel Yell (B) – Eamon

* = new to us

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